By Jenny Lam. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Ig: @soulmatefit

I’m walking along King St West on a sunny late Sunday morning. People are dressed up to enjoy this beautiful summer day in Toronto heading out to meet up with friends for brunch. Big line ups for restaurants serving up pancakes which generally lack protein that can leave folks feeling hungry later on. 

Now imagine this scenario, Sunday morning you decide to meet up with a few girlfriends for an awesome boot camp class, get a good sweat in and head over to your place for some protein pancakes that are super easy to make. You worked out, you’re feeling accomplished and now you get to show off your chef skills. WIN-WIN! 

Why is protein important?


Protein is a key building block within our bodies.  Technically, proteins are chains of different amino acids that break down and rebuild to help us form our muscles and skin.

Imagine if your body were a house, it would be in constant state of renovation and protein would be the building materials. When the body starts to run out of those materials, it starts to break down rather than building it up. Eating enough protein as a regular part of your diet ensures that you supply your body with the building materials it needs to keep those internal load-bearing walls strong and lights burning bright.

I get it, sometimes it can be so challenging to incorporate more protein into your diet. What’s amazing is that we live in a time where protein drinks like GNC Total Lean shakes and their Total Lean Protein powders are super easy and accessible for you.


Here’s the fun part, where we can change things up with protein powders. Instead of scooping it into your shaker cup and add water, you can turn them into pancakes!



  • Shredded Coconut
  • Organic Berries

Mix all the dry ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl. Combine wet ingredients. Add wet ingredietns to dry ingredients but do not over mix, that’s all key to keeping your pancakes super fluffy. Let the batter sit for about five minutes before using it. Heat the skillet with GNC Coconut Oil. 

Enjoy your Protein Pancakes with Shredded Coconut, Organic Berries and any other toppings you prefer. 


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