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By Larissa Nicole | @larissanicolefitness Transformation & Wellness Coach |

I used to be the last person who would wear a swimsuit in public – can you relate? 

Whether it was because I was self-conscious about my own body or a little intimidated about “baring it all” in front of peo

ple. Putting on that swimsuit used to conjure up all kinds of anxiety and self-doubt. 

I mean, seriously – there have been times when I would just casually “forget” to bring my swimsuit to pool parties, or even blame it on my cycle. Any time I could find an excuse to get out of wearing one, I would. But, that’s just not me anymore.

Although it’s taken me years to get to a place where I feel truly comfortable in my body, what I ultimately learned is that the only person who’s missing out on all of those amazing memories and experiences is ME. 

So, instead of fearing the swimsuit this season, here are a few easy strategies that can help you to better care for your body and rock your swimsuit with total confidence this season. You deserve it!


Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to help ensure that you will be looking and feeling your best. It can help your body to filter waste and flush it out of your system.


Try getting in a good sweat daily! Whatever form of exercise is your jam – whether it’s jogging, weightlifting, rock climbing, circuit training or yoga – doing more of these exercises on a daily basis is a great addition to help you get swimsuit ready.  As you see the changes, exercise can make you likely to feel even more happy and confident in that swimsuit.

Take care of your gut healthGNC probiotics complex self love

Probiotics are known as “good” or “friendly” bacteria that are usually found in natural sources such as fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha) or yoghurt. If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough probiotics naturally, take a probiotic supplement – my current favourite right now is GNC’s Super Probiotic 10B.

Eat whole, minimally processed foods

Processed foods tend to pack in a lot more carbohydrates (usually in the form of sugars), and sodium than whole foods.

Eat your greens

Sources like kale, spinach, broccoli and green beans are all filled with tons of vitamins and minerals. Another reason why greens are so important to our overall health is that they also contain a lot of fibre. Fibre is crucial to facilitating the creation of waste products in our bodies, helping to push them through our GI tract.

Overall, remember that no matter what you look like or how you feel about your body right now – you deserve to be able to rock your swimsuit and make amazing memories with the people who matter most to you. So, take care of your body, know your worth, and go out there and enjoy yourself!

With love and wellness, 


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