By Teodora Nikova BaSc , Dietetic Masters Student @ University of Toronto

Why take a Multivitamin?

Taking a multivitamin is taking insurance for your diet. Often times meeting all nutrient requirements from diet alone can be stressful, and overwhelming to think about on a daily basis. GNC multivitamins provide the daily B vitamins for metabolism and energy production, as well as minerals such calcium and magnesium for bone health and the muscle function.

Differing needs between men and women?

Women and men have differing nutritional needs and health concerns throughout their lifetime. That is why GNC has created two types of multivitamins to create more customized nutrition.

The women multivitamin is unique due to several added active ingredients including various vitamins and minerals as well as cranberry and MSM. Iron is added to account for increased losses during menstruation. Biotin and zinc are included for supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails.

The men multivitamin contains active compounds to help maintain greater energy expenditure needs plus multiple amino acids.  Magnesium helps support energy production and proper muscle function.

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