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Get to know our Ambassadors

They all have something in common. A passion for health, fitness and wellness. Different stories, same core values.

Conrad Calisthenics Athlete

I am a callisthenics athlete, I enjoy trying to master my body weight. I’ve been working out for 5 years and I plan on working out for the rest of my life.

Lorilynn CrossFitter

I'm a 29-year-old CrossFitter athlete. I've been doing CrossFit for over 6 years and have been coaching at RCFLV for two.

Cindy Cycling Instructor

Cindy Johnson is a mom of 2, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Spinning Instructor, and a professional Women’s fitness and nutrition coach.

John Body Builder

John is an industry professional in management and leadership. His passion for fitness has lead him into sharing his journey with others through social media.

Tina Fitness Model

I competed in the National Canadian Championships for 3 years. I believe that sports teach you a level of discipline that helps in every aspect of life.

Wilfred Personal Trainer

After training for the last 5 years, I decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I am now a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.