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Whether you’re a twice a week gym goer or you’re in a regular routine. Take your workout to the next level by following these tips!  Keep in mind when your body gets used to exercising regularly, adequate fuel and support can help you push yourself to potentially get more noticeable results.

1. Fuel your muscles with aminos

The longer and more intensive workouts means you’ll get more out of it. Providing your muscles with the right fuel prior to exercising, will help you to give it your all. Whether it’s walking a couple miles on the treadmill or half an hour on a stationary bike, amino acids may be useful to replenish your body’s supply so your muscles have the building blocks they need. Taking a workout supplement that contains aminos before and during your workout can help fuel your muscles and keep you moving in the right direction.

2. Recover with protein

Post-workout protein supplements can help to fuel your muscle repair. A whey protein isolate formula is quickly digested and works best when consumed within 30 minutes after exercise. Casein protein, which is digested more slowly, can be taken before you go to bed to support a steady release of aminos while you sleep and recover.

3. Maintain good health with essential nutrients

When you exercise regularly, it’s great for your body, and having a routine helps your body adapt to different workouts. You won’t be as active if you’re lethargic and don’t feel good. The more physically active you are, the more your body needs. B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes can support your body’s natural processes of energy metabolism and muscle function. A daily multivitamin can fill those nutrition gaps and support your overall wellness. If you feel like you could use additional nutrient support, consider B vitamins, which are essential for energy metabolism, and antioxidant supplements, such as vitamins E and C, to protect your body against exercise-induced oxidative stress, a side effect of intense physical activity that can cause cell damage.

4. Support your body with Fish Oil

Fatty acids, like the kind found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, help support joint and heart health. To help get sufficient amounts of EPA and DHA it is recommended to consume two servings of fatty fish per week. . If that’s hard to do, taking a daily fish oil supplement with at least 500-1,000 milligrams of the key fatty acids EPA and DHA can help ensure you hit your target.

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