Ballseye: Targeting Safety In Sports

Updated February 22, 2017
Author: Carol Kirk

Couples Who Sweat Together

Updated January 4, 2017
Author: Forever Aesthetic

Michael and Lisa, young fitness enthusiasts, business owners of Forever Aesthetic Co. and a fitness couple living in Toronto, share a strong passion for fitness. They left their corporate jobs and opened up their fitness company in April 2016 to educate, motivate and help people achieve their fitness, health and wellness goals. They are dedicated personal trainers who are passionate and strive to bring out the best version of each and every client.

Where We Met

Everyone thinks we met in the gym, but we didn't. We met at the tiny age of 14 years old, as we attended the same high school, St. Augustine Secondary School.  Our spark for fitness and in each other began in our Grade 10 gym class. But, we split ways after high school to attend a post-secondary school and reconnected five years later.



Our Fitness Journey

This is kind of awkward! The first time we worked out together was very unplanned. I was at the gym texting Michael, Michael thought I wasn’t a serious workout person, so my reaction was to call him lazy and tell him to get to the gym. From that day on we became “training partners”. We would meet at our local gym after work every night to train together. People at the gym would think we were a couple and many would comment how they wished they could share this passion with their partner. It was always very awkward to hear those comments because we were only training partners. For the first couple years of training we were good friends and training partners, but over that time our common hobby and interest for the gym and fitness allowed us to connect and bond in similar ways. We were friends and training partners for two whole years before we started dating but this bond that we share has allowed us to become a strong couple together as we have seen each other succeed, fail, get hurt, hit strength targets, sweat, get frustrated, laugh, transform, and overcome mental and physical challenges in and out of the gym.


Our Favourite Home Workout

We love to mix body weight training with weight training. This is perfect if you can’t always get to the gym, like us you can do weight training and body weight splits. Try this awesome body weight circuit for a killer full body fat blaster that will have your legs burning in seconds! How it works: Repeat the circuit 2-4 rounds, only take rest break between circuit if needed.

30 Body weight Squats

30 Seconds Flutter Kicks

12 Jump Squats

30 Seconds Russian Twists

20 Reverse Lunges

30 Seconds Flutter Kicks

12 Split Lunge Jumps

30 Seconds Russian Twists

10 Pencil Squats

30 Seconds Flutter Kicks

10 Burpees



Our Favourite Gym Workout

We love to hit Back in the gym when were lifting weights. A typical back workout would look like this:

4 Sets of Rack Pulls

4 Sets  of Wide Grip Pull Downs

3 Sets of Close Grip Seated Cable Rows

2  Sets of Standing Straight Arm Pull Downs

2 Sets of Barbell Rows

3 Sets of Back Extensions

Rep Range: 8-12 reps per exercise.

Rest 45 seconds- 1 minute between sets and two minutes between exercises. Keeping to these rest times are very important to getting results and being efficient.



How We Overcome Fitness Challenges

It is much easier when your partner understands your fitness challenges or is there with you to overcome any difficulties in your fitness journey. For us, we share similar goals and interests in our fitness journeys but the challenges we face tend to be very different. However, we have learned to become a team, we were required to learn that as we live and work together every day. So, each challenge we face we try to be the best support for one another and help each other overcome any difficulties. One rule that we never ever break is even if we are mad at each other we won't miss a gym session! When we enter the gym we are there to work and have a good time and we always leave our everyday stress at the door. So, with that being said there are no fitness challenges that we can’t overcome as we fell in love in the gym and training together has not only strengthened our relationship but has helped us to become strong individuals and the ultimate duo!

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Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy over the Holiday’s

Updated December 19, 2016
Author: Matt Parker

5. Help your body digest those heavy meals with foods high in fibre and by adding a sprinkle of ginger to your meals.


4. Keep your blood sugar in check, don’t go overboard on the treats and if you do want that extra cup of cocoa, then add some cinnamon to balance your glucose levels.


3. Drink lots of water! The holidays are filled with salt enriched foods so be sure to stay hydrated!


2. Don’t just load your plate up with meats. Make sure at least half your plate is veggies to ensure you get all the greens your body needs so you don’t crash.


1. Stay active over the holidays! Get outside, it’s your one chance to enjoy the snow! Bundle up and build a jacked snowman!

TOP 10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Hydrated

Updated November 24, 2016

1. Great for your skin.

2. Increased energy.

3. You'll be in a better mood.

4. Improved digestion.

5. Your immune system is boosted.

6. Flush out all those toxins and waste.

7. Maintain your pH balance.

8. Helps build and repair muscle tissue.

9. Regulate your body temperature.

10. Increased metabolism. 

Chad Owens at GNC!

Updated November 24, 2016

Meet Jon

Updated September 27, 2016

Jon Hutton - Miracle Challenge Bio

Jon Hutton has been working in the health and nutrition field for over 18 years, 11 of which have been with GNC. He trained as a competitive gymnast for 14 years and has won the Canadian Interprovincial Cup national championships. After leaving gymnastics Jon has been involved in weightlifting, fought amateur Muay Thai, and more recently has enjoyed challenging himself with obstacle course racing and long distance running. Jon also trains high-performance athletes in a variety of fields including soccer, MMA and Cross Fit.

Power-up Workout

Start with a cardio interval to get you breathing heavy. Depending on your fitness level this can be anything from walking upstairs or up a hill, to jumping jacks, to burpees or 100m sprints. It just has to be long enough to make you breathe heavy! Then, without any rest, you perform a plank (pushup position) and hold it for 30s. For those that can’t hold the plank for the full 30s, do it in pieces. Hold it for as long as you can, rest, and then back up to hold the plank again. Repeat this process until you have reached the full 30s up in plank. Then you can rest and recover your breath. Perform 4 to 5 sets!

Advanced Challenge:

To add to the difficulty and increase the benefit from this exercise combo you can:

- Add a core exercise such as 30x v-snaps or crunches before your cardio interval.
- Increase the hold time of the plank. When performing physically challenging activities we often hold our breath.

This allows our breathing muscles to help to stabilize our core. By doing a high-intensity exercise that forces us to breathe heavy and then attempting to hold a plank will help to teach you to stabilize your core while breathing.

Together we can achieve more than you ever thought was possible!

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Jennifer's Routine
Updated September 21, 2016

Name: Jennifer Lau
Work: Principal @ Fit Squad Toronto
Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutritionist

Q: What's your favourite supplement right now?
A: Glutamine is one of my favourite supplements! As part of the GNC Accelerator Series of premium formulas, Glutamaine can be added to any powdered supplements you are currently taking to supercharge your results! It is an amino acid that can be taken before or after your workout as it offers multiple benefits to your training. Take it before your workout to increase energy to fuel your muscles and increase nitrogen intake and help you get through that last rep. Its ability to help reduce soreness and inflammation makes it a great choice to add to your post-workout shake as it supports recovery by combating cell damage and aids in muscle rebuilding. As a holistic nutritionist, I recommend glutamine to clients to help curb cravings and more importantly for digestive health. Glutamine has been shown to help maintain the integrity of your intestinal walls and fight against bad gut flora and support the immune system. On non-training days, enjoy glutamine with water when you first get up or just before bed for best results.

Q: How do you stay motivated?
A: Staying in good health and continually striving to be the fittest version of myself is a reflection of our business. We motivate our clients to demand the same from life and we truly practice what we preach. It doesn't take long before you realize what a tremendous impact it has on your quality of life.

Q: Do you have a strict diet?
A: Growing up I had (and still do) have a very sensitive stomach. Understanding the relationship between good nutrition and feeling good has allowed me to naturally eat a fairly clean diet. I know that processed foods, fried foods and low nutrient foods simply don't make me feel good. I take a whole foods approach to nutrition. This means consuming as much natural foods as possible and not eliminating any macronutrient. I eat lots of lean protein, love my healthy fats (i.e. coconut oil and avocados) and I eat carbohydrates to keep me fuelled.

Q: What are your thoughts on cheat days?
A: I'm afraid of the term cheat days! I envision clients inhaling stacks of pancakes with chocolate sauce and whip cream, on top of a cheeseburger all day long! I would say feel free to indulge in a meal once a week if you feel your nutritional intake was really good! Life happens so don't feel paralyzed by the thought of having to eat super clean all the time. It's a lifestyle you adapt so there is always room to recover from a little splurge. Try your best to plan around these occasions so you don't fall too far off track.

Q: Give us one of your best workout tips:
A: Train with purpose. So often people spend so much time training with no purpose their workouts become stagnant, progress is hindered and motivation diminishes. Set goals and work towards them. The objective should always be to be better the next time! If you are not sure about how to attain those goals, work with a professional by enlisting the help of a personal trainer. They will be able to create a program best suited for your needs and help track your progress.

Meet Marissa

Updated September 9, 2016

Marissa Liana - Miracle Challenge Bio

Marissa Liana is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and a proud graduate from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Marissa also has her Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Kinesiology from The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) which allows her to integrate principles of both body mechanics and nutrition into her health practice.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, she works with clients one-on-one to develop customized protocols aimed to meet her client’s distinct needs. Her areas of expertise include weight loss, digestive healing, performance enhancement, and hormone- balancing. Marissa also happens to be a Sales Associate at the Oshawa South GNC store location.

Check out Marissa's words of encouragement and work out tips below!

Together we can achieve more than you ever thought was possible!

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